Fishing experience with a guide

Sea fishing experience plan

In the quality tours, we are working to spread of Hokkaido sea fishing tourism of Japan incooperation with the fishing Promotion Association corporate members and Hokkaido boat fishing enthusiasts Board members of the Hokkaido district branch.
It is not only Japanese customers, but including the people of Southeast Asia and China, also everyone from other countries, we hope you will enjoy the fishing in a beautiful Hokkaido wilderness.
And when the passengers experienced fishing, guide staff along with the itinerary management chief will on board, we will teach you the fishing guidance and carry out safety guidance, it is very safe for the beginners.

Season and case of mainly caught fish
  April&May June&July
November December
(Winter period)
Japan Sea side flatfish・Atka mackerel・greenling・trout etc. Atka mackerel・codfish・squid・Yellowtail etc Atka mackerel・codfish・squid・yellowtail, Flounder etc Atka mackerel・codfish・yellowtail, Flounder, Mackerel etc Masu salmon, Since the bad weather of the day, we can fish mackerel, herring inharbor
The Pacific side flatfish flatfish・squid flatfish・squid salmon flatfish・salmon Alaska Pollack・trout
The guidance
As experience fishing, theeasiest fishing is fishing in harbor and flounder fishing.Also tool is easy to use, and is the most interesting feeling when you feel in the hand, it is suitable for the beginners.It depends on the circumstances of the day, but good catch also not a dream.
The depth field in the Sea of Japan is the place where you can enjoy abundant fish species.Since the great coastand landscape, you can fish at the same timetaste enoughtourism mood. The view from the sea is wonderful.Because you aim the fish in the water depth before and after 50 ~ 100m, it is better to experience fishing withthe equipment such as electric reel.The tools are prepared for rental at our company.
The basic charge of the fishing guide(can speak a little English )
In 3-5 hours course, 12,800 yen
In 5-8 hours course, 14,300 yen which is requested. ( for one guide)
For details, please contact us.
For a foreign person, tour operators Rates(who can speak English and Chinese)
12,000 yen in one day~(For more information, please contact us)
Boat chartering fee
2 to 4 persons in 5 hours: one boatis 43,200yen.
Flounder fishing additional ¥ 7,560yen for every increase one,other fishing additional yen 8,640 for every increase one.
Time extension charge:It becomes one boat 5,400 yen added per hour.
(Due to circumstances such as bad weather, when the boarding time has become shortened, there are some of the refund by the situation)
For matters that require attention in boat fishing experience at sea

Safety first

So that will be fun without any injury or accident fishing, so we hope you can follow the attendant and the captain of the instructions, thank you for yourcooperation.Ship will shake, please be careful not to fall slipped.
In addition,let's pay particular attention to the handling of the hook.
It should be noted that, due to circumstances such as bad weather, the ship will be canceled.

About the boat

The boat is about 4-7 tons, there is also a case to be a part-time vessels of the general fishery rather than a recreational specialist.
Please note there are many ships of this type shipin Hokkaido, there even if it is not a cruiser type.
However, it comes with the toilet please be relieved.

About the fishing tool

All tools are available for rent.(About the rates, please refer to the previous page.)
About the exclusive fishing device and fishing bait fee, staff will make sure to procure in advance.(actual expense collected)
Please be relieved that the clerk will be happy to teach method of handling the tool .

About the clothes

The temperaturechanges significantly byseason and the day of the weather.Without snow and rain, because there are many cases where the waves take is on board, so you need waterproofraincoat. It is also possible to prepare by us, but you must be prepared okay thorougheven when wet. (rental charged)
If sunlight is h4, it is useful to have a hat and sunglasses.
Fish is slimy, if you are not good at touching it, it is a good idea that there are gloves of cotton. Boots is better, if the weather such as summer period, is also acceptable ones of ‎Sneakertype.(However, please be advised the shoes will be wet)
It should be noted that because of the safety, wearing life jacket will have mandated.
It is equipped on ship's side.

About the health

Lack of sleep and fatigue can cause the seasickness.If you fall down by seasickness, the precious fishingwill be disappointment.We recommend that you take motion sickness drugs1 hour before boarding.Now there is effective remedy.

About beverages on board

Feel free to yourself.You can prepare drinks or snacks.Alcohol is not forbid, but we will note you not to "drink too much" for safety reasons.

About Manners

In Japan, for consideration to the environment, it is not allowed to dump the ash and dust of tobacco into the sea.
In addition, the feeling to release too small fishis also important.
Let's do a fun fishing observe the manners.

sea fishing experience plan sea fishing experience plan sea fishing experience plan sea fishing experience plan sea fishing experience plan

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