From your application to departure

1.For Application and Inquiry

About the application and inquiry, please let us know by phone or e-mail.
If you want to apply, please must check the "travel conditions" and "About cancel or modify".
"Travel conditions" will be part of the contract in writing, we recommend that you get it printed and save it.

2.For your answer

In our company, from the day when mail from customersarrived※ by the next business day, we will reply about the contents of the following.
※We rest at Saturday and Sunday, please understand us.
※If departure date is close, such asthere is a case where we will contact you by phone.

[Application of customers]
●If the tour is available upon request
We will sent the [Join tour, departure date, confirmation of your participation number], [Travel price], [guidance of payment method], [Travel conditions statement] to you by e-mail.
● If the tour could not be available
We will let you know if it isfully occupied. Also, we will contact you if you want to be on the waiting list and, combined or if you can accept alternative tour before and after your schedule, etc.

3.About the fee for the application

From us, When you receive the e-mail to the effect that the reservation is received, we will send you your application dossier immediately within three days from the day when you receive the email, and we will let you do your procedure.In addition, if you want to cancel your trip or change it, please check the "About cancel or modify".
※Like day bus tour, part of the course, we are allowed to collect the tour price on the day, please check in reply mail.

4.For payment of the remaining money

Please pay at least two weeks before your departure.Please note that we do not sent an e-mail again about guidance of payment two weeks before.Also, in regard to your reservation, which if it is three weeks before your departure, we will guide you through the payment of the full amount of travel price on the date that we have specified.At the time the payment is confirmed, we will take your reservation officially.

5.About sending the final itineraryand coupons that necessary to travel

After confirmation of payment of travel price, and up to 14 days to 7 days prior to the departure date, wewill send you the final itinerary and departure guidance documents, ticket or e-ticket, hotel and other coupon.(express home deliveryor postal)If youreceive it , please check the contents thoroughly.In addition, any questions please check before departure.The contents of the shipment depends on your participation course.In addition, such as day bus tour, if the brochure is the final itinerary, there might be no shipment of before departure.In reply mail, we will inform you what we will send to you.


To your collection location described in the itinerary, please come and set to have a margin on your time.
Also, in the course where you are performing your procedure on your own, please contact the procedure to have a margin on your time, thank you.

7.guidance for transfer account

Bank / North Pacific Bank head office sales department
Account number / savings account 6665462
Name righteousness /Blue Tourism Hokkaido CO., LTD

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